Utah Sheriffs 2nd Amendment

OCTOBER 5, 2021



SALT LAKE CITY – Today the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) released the Crime In Utah report that highlights some specific 2020 crime data. The report showed that crime in Utah continues to increase.

These aren’t just petty low-level crimes; these are some of the worst of the worst. From 2019-2020, Part I crimes overall increased by 5.69%. Property crimes went up 6.17%, robberies went up 5.78%, motor vehicle thefts were up 34.89% and homicides increased a staggering 44.16%. Also, just last week a report released by the FBI showed that there were more victims of violent crimes in Utah in 2020 than any year in the past decade and that the homicide rate was 24% above the 10-year average.

Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen, President of the Utah Sheriffs’ Association issued the following statement in response to this data:

“The George Soros catch and release, cashless bail, defund the police, radical agenda is good for criminals and a disaster for public safety. Unfortunately, it has caught up with us. The result is a seemingly endless cycle of career criminals who believe there are few consequences for their actions. They will continue to offend, get released, and reoffend until we stop this nonsense.”

Significant staffing shortages across the state is already plaguing law enforcement. Additionally, a recent survey of Utah law enforcement showed that 58% are looking to leave their jobs and switch careers and 64% indicated they would advise their children against a career in law enforcement. These trends are not sustainable. Without an emerging workforce, and with the decline of an existing workforce, crime will continue to increase, and public safety will disappear.

Scott Burns, Executive Director of the Utah Sheriffs’ Association issued the following statement:

“The Utah Sheriffs Association will continue pushing back against this anti-law enforcement agenda. We will be the voice for the victims of crimes, and we will continue fighting to keep Utah a safe place to live, work and raise a family. We call on Utah leaders to come together and do all that we can to support, retain, and recruit good men and women to serve in law enforcement.”